Why is ping missing in the speed tester results?

Some applications show ping time information in the speed tester results. Network Analyzer doesn't include this value because it's misleading. Ping shows how long it takes for a request to travel to a remote device and back to your device (latency). The key problem in the case of the speed tester is the ping is performed between one of the testing servers and your device which says absolutely nothing about the ping times you will be experiencing when e.g. browsing the web. The speed tester always uses the nearest servers so the ping time will always be low - on the other hand, if you are accessing a server located in the USA from Europe, ping times will be much higher, no matter how fast your Internet connection is.

For this reason there's no ping in the speed tester results because it's not related to the speed of the connection in any way. In addition, the app performs the speed test against several servers in parallel so there's not a single server whose ping time could be measured. If you want to see ping times against some real-life servers, use the ping tool and pick a web site whose latency you want to measure.