Does the port scanner scan UDP ports?

Not at the moment. Port scanning of UDP ports is quite different from TCP ports because UDP is connection-less. In TCP port scan the scanner tries to connect to the given port and based on whether the connection succeeds, fails or times out determine the port state.

There are two approaches to UDP port scanning - first, sending arbitrary data to an UDP port and waiting for ICMP "destination unreachable" packet which indicates that the port is closed. The problem of this approach is that if a firewall is installed on the remote end, the ICMP packet gets filtered and the detection of open/closed ports doesn't work.

The second approach requires the knowledge of all the protocols which are being examined and sending valid requests to the specified UDP ports and waiting for corresponding replies. Building support for all possible UDP protocols would require a significant amount of time which I'll rather invest in improving other areas of Network Analyzer.

For some ports, Network Scanner implicitly contains this functionality - e.g. you can send a DNS request to a specified host and if you get a response, it means that the 53 UDP port is open. Similarly the availability of a NetBios name means that UDP port 137 is open, if UPNP is available, UDP port 1900 is open, if Bonjour is available, UDP port 5353 is open etc.

If you are looking for a more feature-complete scanner, you can try the nmap scanner on your computer: