Why didn't I get any response to my request?

First, I'm somewhat slow, sorry for that ;-). Instead of checking for new support requests several times a day, I usually check them once a week and reply all of them in a single go, which is more efficient. So please be patient.

About 30% of requests I get is something like this (these are real support requests I have received):
"How can I uninstall iOS 7?"
"how to jailbreakļ¼Ÿcan help me"
"I messed up my wifi connection and now it dosent work to connect to public networks without password and I dont have these passwords"
"Can u send me a simple how to do this app cuz my internet is slow"
"Is it possible to recover my lost document in this app only."
"My iphone is infected. In th screen appears a message, sais that your telephone are infected with Apple/wormx.app".
"I am being hacked by my ex boyfriend. Help"
"Is it possible to control devices thru and iPad ? I think my lovely hubby and bestie are up to shananagins and like making me feel retarded!"
"Recovery my app text skins suck important document recovery possible. By helping to recover my document from my app text skins"
This is exactly the kind of questions I don't reply to. Here are the basic rules I follow with the support requests I receive:
  1. I provide support for my apps only - I don't have time/resources/knowledge to help all the users of my apps with their slow Internet, broken LAN setup, dying iPhone battery or anything similar. Contact Apple, your Internet provider or search the web for help.
  2. To all those hacking/virus questions - I have no idea how to detect if your phone has been hacked or how to fix that. I haven't seen a single hacked phone in my life and frankly I find it highly improbable (though not impossible) that those "I have been hacked" questions come from people whose devices have really been hacked. In general, if you don't jailbreak/root your phone, use strong passwords, apply security patches and download software from the App Store only, you should be pretty safe (especially on iOS).
  3. Some questions are totally off-topic and don't seem to be related to my apps at all. If you have some general iPhone question or question related to some other app, please ask at some forum or contact the other app's developer.
  4. I can't answer something that doesn't make any sense. Try to read the request after yourself and make sure that others can decrypt the meaning of your message.
  5. It doesn't make any sense to send me empty emails containing the auto-generated text with the app version and iOS version - I delete those.
  6. All offers to "promote" my app, review offers in exchange for the app's promo code or price drop requests are ignored by me.
  7. I don't reply to spam-like messages or any violent outbursts.

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